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Jenkins PTO Mission:


Our mission is to support the education and well being of children at the Jenkins Elementary School by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers.


Below are a few highlights of PTO investments made possible by the generosity of the Jenkins Community:


New Water Filtration Systems - 6 new bottle filling stations were installed in 2016/2017, ensuring that all Jenkins students and staff have access to cleaner, healthier water while also improving the school’s environmental footprint (fewer plastic bottles).


Increased Access to Technology - 25 new Chromebooks were purchased in December providing Kindergarten through Third Grade with dedicated devices for each grade level.  This is the second year in a row that the PTO has been able to improve access to technology within the school.  In the prior school year, the PTO purchased new Chromebooks for the higher grades to improve ratio of students per device.


Enhancing Science – Jenkins is investing in an exciting, new project with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC).  In June, a Jenkins-sponsored shark-detecting receiver will be placed along our shoreline.  The receiver will collect data from any tagged sharks in the area, and this data will be provided to Jenkins for use in the Science curriculum.  Stay tuned…the AWSC will be doing educational programming for all grade levels in May!


Unique Cultural Enrichment - there are a range of cultural enrichment programs that the PTO is able to sponsor, and you may have heard about some of them from your kids. We have picked just a few to highlight in this email, but if you are interested in learning about all of them, please let us know:

  • Ooch - Brett Outchcunis is a professional personality and life coach for kids.  Whether it be learning how to deal with the challenges of daily life, learning to embrace our unique differences or making positive decisions when tough choices arise, "Ooch” as kids affectionately call him, can help kids handle each of those.

  • Wingmasters – In this program, Jim Parks brings several rehabilitated owls to show how these creatures use their specialized powers of sight, hearing and flight to survive and thrive.  His program incorporates both facts and folklore to educate students.

  • Geography Gameshow – Neal Nichols creates an interactive, educational experience in which he draws geographical maps entirely from memory and uses his illustrations to increase knowledge and  comprehension in geography and social studies.

  • Bay Colony Educators – for the past 26 years, the team of Tim and Carol have brought their love of re-enacting mid-18th century life in Colonial New England to the Scituate schools to enrich the Social Studies curriculum .   Their visual lecture-demonstration “Bringing Colonial America to Life in the Classroom” is well-researched, includes several artifacts and covers family life, chores and responsibilities, civil behavior and education.

  • Li Liu Chinese Acrobat – Building on the cultural experiences highlighted in last Summer’s book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, this show touches on various aspects of Chinese language, geography and culture.  Li shares her work and travel experiences in a performance that includes plate spinning, foot juggling, ribbon dancing and Chinese water bowl manipulation.


Thank you again for your continued support!

Jenkins PTO

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